About Us

We are a group of software experts with a vast amount of industry experience.

We love the business of software and its ability to impact every aspect of human life.
We know what it takes to create software that is practical, reliable and economical.
We want to enable our customers to grow their business by the use of high quality software.


Software Architecture Consultancy

The Bluehouse Technology team has many years of experience with the development of software in highly complex environments and with extreme requirements regarding performance and reliability. This unique experience has formed our view on software development.

Our experience has taught us what is important in the architecture of a system:

  • It has to be fit for purpose
  • It has to be structured, elegant, beautiful even
  • It has to be maintainable
  • It has to sit well within its surrounding environment
  • It has to be adaptable over time to meet the evolving needs of its users

At the same time it must be ready in time and at an acceptable cost. It is the art of software engineering to find the right balance between these demands.

Our design philosophy is greatly influenced by the Unix operating system and the Erlang programming language. We have extensive experience with these tools and we found that they are very well suited for the demands of the Internet age: concurrency, flexibility, scalability, fast and incremental delivery. Bluehouse Technology can help you with the establishment of an architecture, the methodology and the environment to meet these demands for your business.

Software Development

Bluehouse Technology can deliver turn key software to fulfill your business needs.

If you have a well defined idea or software architecture in mind, we are available to implement it for you. While we can certainly recommend the appropriate technologies to use, we are happy to take your brief and implement it using technologies which fit well with your organisation. If required we can also host the software for you and offer it as a SaaS solution. We have an extensive network of experienced and diligent software engineers and we will pull together global virtual teams to deliver software to your requirements.

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