Technology is our Business

We deliver fullstack, mission critical software to help solve large scale problems.

We are a group of Software Experts with a vast amount of industry experience

We know what it takes to create software that is practical, reliable and economical.

We love the business of software and its ability to impact every aspect of human life.

We want to enable our customers to grow their business using high quality bespoke software.

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The Bluehouse Technology team has many years of experience with the development of software in highly complex environments and with extreme requirements regarding performance and reliability. This unique experience has formed our view on software development.

We will undertake a structured review of your application and provide a tailored recommendation - whether the application can be adapted to achieve your business objectives or whether there needs to be a more fundamental change in architecture.

Bluehouse Technology can deliver turn key software to fulfil your business needs. If you have a well defined idea or software architecture in mind, we are available to implement it for you. While we can certainly recommend the appropriate technologies to use, we are happy to take your brief and implement it using technologies which fit well with your organisation. If required we can also host the software for you and offer it as a SaaS solution.

Frontend Technologies

We will work with you to design the look and feel of your application.
Our technology of choice for developing complex frontend applications.
We use Bootstrap for the layout of our frontend applications.
We use Modernizr to ensure applications look and perform the best they can across different browsers.
Development of native apps for Android and iOS.
Cross platform mobile application development using React Native.
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Backend Technologies

Highly concurrent distributed system development using Golang.
We learnt about concurrency and fault tolerance by developing telecoms systems in Erlang. And we use this knowledge to architect all our systems.
Extensive experience using SQL databases. Postgresql is our favourite. We have worked with Redis, Riak, CouchDB, MongoDB and a few other NoSQL databases.
Enterprise software development using Java
We have extensive experience working with Kafka for building high performance applications.
We have built applications using RabbitMQ as a message broker.
Most of the applications we have developed are deployed using Docker and Docker Swarm.
We have spent most of our careers developing mission critical systems in various domains.

Domain Knowledge

We have extensive experience within the mobile telecoms industry working with Tier 1 operators and major OEMs. At one point in time, almost all of voice/data/messaging within a Tier 1 UK telco was flowing through systems developed by us.
We learnt about sports betting and gaming from the best in the industry - bet365.
We have worked in the banking industry and are aware of the regulations and performance requirements of banking applications.
We have experience working in Bioinformatics.
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