Telco Products
Telco Products
  • PCRF
  • The Bluehouse PCRF (Policy and Charging Rule Function) is a core network element that enables real-time data policy control and fair use policy enforcement.
  • As networks get smarter and faster, the need for swift, accurate, well-informed policy decisions is paramount. By aggregating data from various sources in real time, our PCRF can successfully drive decision making and resource allocation – creating new efficiencies, optimising the customer experience, enabling faster time to market for new, revenue-generating services.
    • ● Implements Gx/Gy interfaces
    • ● Horizontally scalable architecture
    • ● Plugin integration for SPR and OCS
    • ● Real-time reporting of data usage
    • ● Dockerised to enable easy deployment and scaling
  • AAA
  • The Bluehouse AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) server is a core network element for secure, high performance service creation and billing.
  • With the proliferation of devices and services spurred on by IoT and 5G expansion, granular control over network access and usage is essential. Our AAA validates access for authenticated subscribers, authorises the required services and QoS level to each subscriber according to policy, and accounts for usage by recording and controlling accurate, real-time billing data.
    • ● Extremely resilient architecture
    • ● API interoperability
    • ● RADIUS and Diameter interfaces
  • Your partner for core network software development projects
  • Trust us to find the best way to engage with your requirements and existing resources. Don't have an in-house development team? We'll guide you through every step and take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of the software we develop.
  • If you do have an in-house development team, we'll propose how to enhance and augment them with Bluehouse resources without causing friction.